209 Women - Houses of Parliament Exhibition
December 2018 | NEWS

A collective of women photographers from all across the UK formed, volunteering their time to make and mark history, celebrating the centenary of women’s suffrage and championing the visibility of women, particularly in environments that are still largely male-dominated.

I photographed Maggie Throup, MP for Erewash, and am really proud to be a part of the inspiring 209 Women exhibition.

Thank you to Hilary Wood, Tracy Marshall, Cheryl Newman and Lisa Tse for all of the hard work and organisation!

14 December 2018 - 14 February 2019
Portcullis House
Houses of Parliament

Photofusion SALON/18 - LAPC Prize
December 2018 | NEWS

Thank you to London Alternative Photography Collective, and Dafna Talmor, for selecting 'Untitled' (salt prints, laser cut greyboard, salt), from the series Born of the Purest Parents, as your pick of the SALON/18 exhibition!

6 December 2018 - 12 January 2019

Photomonth East London - Shutter Hub Open 2018
December 2018 | NEWS

Born of the Purest Parents will be part of the Shutter Hub OPEN 2018 encore, opening on 6th December at 5&33 Gallery in Amsterdam.

7 December 2018 - 20 January 2019
5&33 Gallery

Photofusion - SALON/18 Exhibition
December 2018 | NEWS

Untitled (salt prints, laser cut greyboard, salt), from the series Born of the Purest Parents, will be on display at Photofusion as part of SALON/18 exhibition opening 06 December 2018.

6 December 2018 - 12 January 2019

PhotoFringe18 - Danny Wilson Memorial Awards
October 2018 | NEWS

Casting Off exhibition, part of the Brighton Photo Fringe 18, received a special mention in the Danny Wilson Memorial Awards, Emerging Curators Choice. Thank you to everyone who took the time to come to the show, and who stopped to have a chat.

RPS Hundred Heroines - Nomination
October 2018 | NEWS

Humbled to be nominated for the RPS #hundredheroines among so many of my heroines. Such a fantastic celebration of female photographers!

Photobook Week Aarhaus 2018 - Exhibition
October 2018 | NEWS

Born of the Purest Parents is currently on show at Photobook Week Aarhaus 2018 as part of the Kassel Dummy Award exhibition. 

4 -7 October 2018
Aarhaus School of Architecture

Brighton Photo Fringe 18 - Peer Mentoring Talk
October 2018 | NEWS

Join us for an open discussion and some expert advice Exploring peer mentoring.

Wendy Pye, co-founder of Tri-pod, will share her expertise on the enormous benefits that peer mentoring can offer and lead a discussion with a group of seven photographers who met through peer mentoring, have continued to support each other and are now exhibiting together for the first time at Gallery Lock In at the Brighton Photo Fringe.

6 October 2018 - 2pm
Gallery Lock In
Little Western Street

Brighton Photo Fringe 18 - Casting Off Publication
September 2018 | NEWS

Newspapers designed for upcoming group show 'Casting Off', part of the Brighton Photo Fringe 18, come and get yours!

29 September - 28 October 2018
Gallery Lock In
Little Western Street

Photomonth East London - Shutter Hub Open 2018
October 2018 | NEWS

Born of the Purest Parents will be part of the Shutter Hub OPEN 2018, opening on 4th October at The Old Truman Brewery in London.

Part of Photomonth East London International Photography Festival, the OPEN brings together international photographers in a selected exhibition, celebrating the future of photography through diverse and creative imagery.

4 - 9 October 2018
Old Truman Brewery

Brighton Photo Fringe 18 - Casting Off Exhibition
September 2018 | NEWS

Since 2016 I've been part of a peer mentoring group that began with Miranda Gavin under Tri-Pod at Photofusion. Through group sessions with these amazing women, I tested ideas for my project 'Born of the Purest Parents'.

Casting Off, part of the Brighton Photo Fringe 2018, will be our first group exhibition together. On 6 October, joined by guest speaker Wendy Pye, we'll be talking about the value of peer mentoring in professional development.

29 September - 28 October 2018
Gallery Lock In
Little Western Street

Ain't Bad - Feature
September 2018 | NEWS

Thank you to Ain't Bad magazine for publishing Born of the Purest Parents.

RPS Hundred Heroines - Ambassador
August 2018 | NEWS

Proud to be an ambassador of the RPS Hundred Heroines campaign. Through this campaign we can together shine a light on the great many women making outstanding contributions to photography.

The power of the photographer is to discover and to reveal. The photographers that I am nominating for the #HundredHeroines campaign have each shown immense dedication to a field of study, using photography to encourage a shift in perspective.

Please help to spread the word and get nominating!

MiniClick - Talk
August 2018 | NEWS

Thank you to Jim for the invitation to speak at MiniClick in Brighton on 14 August. The theme is MINERALS. Come and join Alexandra Lethbridge and I for talks on salt and meteorites, and lots more!

F-Stop Magazine - Land, Sea, Air Feature
August 2018 | NEWS

‘Born of the Purest Parents’ is featured in F-Stop Magazine: Land, Sea, Air.

New Landscape Photography - Feature
July 2018 | NEWS

Great to see 'Born of the Purest Parents' featured on New Landscape Photography today. Thank you to Willson Cummer for sharing the work.

New Landscape Photography presents contemporary art from around the world that explores the natural and built environments. I am most interested in work that considers the interactions between the two. New Landscape Photography was founded in 2010 and is published every Thursday.

Urbanautica Institute Awards 2018 - Special Mention
July 2018 | NEWS

Born of the Purest Parents received a special mention in the Urbanautica Institute Awards 2018: Nature, Environment and Perspectives, in great company.

Another Place - Feature
July 2018 | NEWS

Thank you to Iain Sarjeant for this lovely feature on ‘Born of the Purest Parents’ on Another Place Magazine. The work will also be featured all week on @anotherplacemagaine.

another place is an online space showcasing contemporary photography which explores landscape in the widest sense, covering themes which include landplacejourneycity and environment - from the remotest corners of the globe to the centre of the largest cities.

PhotoBangkok- PhotoBook as Object / Photobook Who Cares Exhibition
July 2018 | NEWS

The Japan Foundation, Bangkok, co-organizes with PhotoBangkok 2018 an exhibition “Photobook as object / Photobook who cares” by Reminders Photography Stronghold at the Open House, Central Embassy. Reminders Photography Stronghold will participate in the form of an exhibition to introduce photographers involved in book making at RPS and their appeal including the process of making their works. 

Photographers now can easily edit on their computer screens. However the RPS book making process is heavily focused on the output of a physical dummy book. Touching, reading and thinking through a tangible photo book often provides photographers with new perspectives, simply because they are more conscious and aware of what they are creating. Photographers can further unfold meaningful details through choices of papers, ways of printing, size, weight, sense of touch, the structure of a book and so on.

Akihito Yoshida / Andrea Boscardin / Alessandro Perini / Giancarlo Shibayama / Hiroshi Okamoto / Junpei Ueda / Julie Glassberg / Kazuma Obara / Kanta Nomura / Kazuhiko Matsumura / Kazuya Urakawa / Keiji Fujimoto / Kenji Chiga / Kensaku Seki / Kurt Tong / Louis Lim / Maki Hayashida / Mayumi Suzuki / Michiko Hayashi / Miyuki Okuyama / Miki Hasegawa / MOTOKI / Mi-Yeon / Ng Hui Hsien / Noia Stiratna Damampai / Nozomi Iijima / Ryo Kusumoto / Shu Watanabe / Steffen K Poulsen / Stijn Van der Linden / Takuji Ohtsuka / Tammy Law / Tamsin Green / Yoshikatsu Fujii / Yoshiko Mogi / Yusuke Takagi / Yuki Iwanami

OFFSPRING PHOTO MEET 2018 - Lunch time Chat
June 2018 | NEWS

Really excited to be part of the stellar line up for Offspring Photo Meet 2018!! I will be giving a lunch time chat on Born of the Purest Parents on the Saturday 9 June. Check out the full programme of talks, workshops and portfolio reviews now live...

Saturday 9 June 2018 - 1.30 - 2.15pm
Space Studios, Mare Street, Hackney, London, E8 3RH

May 2018 | NEWS

Born of the Purest Parents is part of Photo Ireland's The Library Project, along with all of the other books on the Kassel Dummy Award Shortlist.

1 - 31 May 2018
The Library Project, 4 Temple Bar Street, Dublin, Ireland

Kassel Dummy Award 2018 - Shortlist
April 2018 | NEWS

Super happy that Born of the Purest Parents has been shortlisted for the KASSEL Dummy Award 2018. Thank you to everyone who has helped out with getting the book this far! Looking forward to browsing all the books and meeting the other photographers in KASSEL in May.

This year a total of 391 photobooks from 46 countries from all over the world, from Bangladesh to Norway, from Russia to Australia, from Japan to America, from China to Brazil were sent in to the 2018 KASSEL DUMMY AWARD.

The shortlist selection resulted in 53 photobooks as chosen by Valentina Abenavoli (Akina Books, Istanbul), Anne-Katrin Bicher (Montag Stiftung, Bonn), Sonia Berger (Dalpine Publishers, Madrid), Frederic Lezmi (Photographer, The PhotoBookMuseum, Cologne), Dieter Neubert (Fotobookfestival Kassel), Markus Schaden (The PhotoBookMuseum, Cologne), Andrea Schmidt (Verlag Kettler, Dortmund), Salvatore Vitale (Editor in Chief of YET Magazine, Lausanne).

These 53 photobook dummies selected in 2018 will be on display at PhotoIreland Festival in Dublin, Fotobookfestival in Kassel, Triennial of Photography in Hamburg, Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid, FotoLeggendo Festival in Rome, Organ Vida - International Photography Festival in Zagreb, Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Cologne during the Internationale Photoszene Köln, International Photography Symposium in Nida, Aarhus Photobook Week, Zentralbibliothek im Kulturpalast in Dresden, The Tokyo Art Book Fair.

31 May - 3 June 2018
Fotobook Festival, Documenta-Halle, Kassel, Germany

Photo Scratch - BOOK SPECIAL 
March 2018 | NEWS

I will be showing my book dummy for Born of the Purest Parents on Monday 19 March at Photo Scratch. In this special edition of Photo Scratch, spectators will be invited to take a look and feedback about work-in-progress photography book projects. Featuring book dummies by Aisling Keavey, Lewis Bush, Stephanie Smith, Simon Martin, Chris Bethell, Tamsin Green.

Monday 19 March 6-9pm
Hotel Elephant, Spare Street, London

Book Release - Born of the Purest Parents 
March 2018 | NEWS

My handmade book, Born of the Purest Parents, is available to pre-order in a limited edition of 35 through Yumi Goto at the Reminders Photography Stronghold.

Photofusion - Pecha Kucha SALON/17
January 2018 | NEWS

I will be speaking about Born of the Purest Parents on Wednesday evening at Photofusion. Eight exhibiting artists from SALON/17 have been invited to talk about their work Pecha Kucha style (20 slides, 20 seconds each).

Weds 10 January at 6.30pm
Photofusion, Brixton

SHUTTERHUB - Borders Exhibition
January 2018 | NEWS

Born of the Purest Parents is part of the group show BORDERS at The Bridewell Theatre, London.

Photographers from the UK and around the world have been selected to exhibit their work in BORDERS, an exhibition of photography, curated in response to the MARCHLAND season of performances and talks, in collaboration with Théâtre Volière and the Bridewell Theatre.

Nicola Jayne Maskrey, Kat Dlugosz, Michael Whelan, Mal Woolford, Jo Stapleton, Silvia Szucs, Amanda Jobson, Joseph Thomas, Wendy Aldiss, Barry Cawston, Lynne Connolly, Ben Altman, Phil Lavery, Christiane Zschommler, Paola Leonardi, Tamsin Green, Henrik Hentschel, Patryk Majewski, Tina Reid, Sarah Tulloch, Ruth Stoltenberg and Michelle Margaux.

PV on 12 January from 6pm, hope to see you there!

15 January -16 April 2018
Bridewell Theatre, St Bride Foundation, Bride Lane
London EC4Y 8EQ

Photofusion - Photomonitor Commendation
December 2017 | NEWS

Born of the Purest Parents dummy was awarded the Photomonitor Commendation at Photofusion SALON/17. Thank you to Christiane Monarchi for supporting the project!

Photofusion - SALON/17
December 2017 | NEWS

Born of the Purest Parents dummy will be on display at Photofusion Gallery as part of SALON/17, the annual show of members work, 9 December to 13 January. PV on 8 December from 6pm, hope to see you there!

9 December 2017 -13 January 2018
London SW9 8LA

The Old Truman Brewery - LIP 29th Annual Exhibition
November 2017 | NEWS

Annual exhibition of new work by members of London Independent Photography. This years selectors are Alex Bamford, Gemma Barnett and Julia Fullerton-Batten.

6-13 December 2017
The Old Truman Brewery
London E1 6QL

The Photographers Gallery - Folio Friday
November 2017 | NEWS

I will be at The Photographers Gallery this coming Friday showing the latest book dummy and prints from Halophilous as part of #FolioFriday. All are welcome at the Eranda Studio from 2-5pm, looking forward to new conversations!

Light Leaked - Travel and Discovery
August 2017 | NEWS

Absolutely delighted to have several images from Salt Hunter featured in Light Leaked August Issue. An intriguing curation of images by the magazines founder, Ashley Kauschinger, on the theme of Travel and Discovery.

Darkroom Gallery - Pathways and Passages
August 2017 | NEWS

New work from Salt Hunter is part of the upcoming group show, Pathways and Passages, at Darkroom Gallery, juried by Stephen Perloff. 

A good photograph is knowing where to stand. – Ansel Adams
A corollary to Adams’ statement could be “A good photograph is knowing where to walk”. We’ve all been in places, or ob-served places, where we feel pulled into the scene; where the road, path, river, bridge, tunnel, passageway, lane or ray of sun compels us to see where the way will lead. There’s a mystery in it, the fascination of finding out what lies beyond the limit of vision, in the realm of imagination.

Pathways and Passages
17 August - 10 September 2017
Darkroom Gallery 
Essex Junction
Vermont USA

Davis Orton Gallery - Third Annual Group Show
July 2017 | NEWS

New work from Salt Hunter is part of the upcoming Group Show at Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY. Juried by Paula Tognarelli, Executive Director and Curator of the Griffin Museum 

29 July -27 Aug
Reception, Saturday, July 29, 5-7pm.

Davis Orton Gallery
114 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534

RPS IPE 159 - RETINA Scottish International Photography Festival
July 2017 | NEWS

Sleeper is part of the The Royal Photographic Society 159 International Print Exhibition at the Retina Scottish International Photography Festival in Edinburgh.

11 - 21 July 2017
Out of the Blue
38 Dalmeny Street
Edinburgh EH6 8RG

Reminders Photographers Stronghold - Book Dummy Making
April 2017 | NEWS

Working on editing my new project, The Salt Hunter (WT) with Yumi Goto at Reminders Photography Stronghold. Excited to progress further おつかれさま! Here's a little preview of the book so far.

B&W Magazine - Portfolio Spotlight Award
February 2017 | NEWS

I'm thrilled to announce that my work (Sleeper and UnBuilding) has won a Portfolio Spotlight Award in Black & White Magazine. The fine art photography magazine has featured a multi-page spread along with an interview in the April 2017 Edition.

Interview - Why I joined the RPS
February 2017 | NEWS

I was recently interviewed by the RPS, alongside some other great photographers, for their film Why I Joined. The film is available here.

Taunton - Exhibitions
February 2017 | NEWS

The RPS IPE 159 and BIPP PHOTOGRAPHY! are both showing now in Taunton, Somerset. It's the place to be!

14 Jan -11 March 2017
159th RPS International Print
Museum of Somerset
Taunton, UK

7 Feb - 4 March 2017
Photography! The work of the BIPP
Taunton, UK

World Photographic Cup - Team GB
January 2017 | NEWS

Happy to have been invited by the BIPP to join team GB in the World Photographic Cup. Congratulations to fellow teammate Lee Howell for being shortlisted in two categories!

Photo-Forum End of Year Show - The Printspace
December 2016 | NEWS

Have heard some truly inspirational talks at Photo-Forumthis year. Catch the end of year show at the Printspace until Thursday, 22December 2016. A photograph from my series For Sale (WT) is included in theexhibition, taken in Istanbul at the beginning of 2016.

15 - 22 December 2016
The Printspace
Kingsland Road
London E2 8DL

RPS IPE 159 - Royal Albert Hall
November 2016 | NEWS

Sleeper is part of the The Royal Photographic Society 159 International Print Exhibition at the Royal Albert Hall. The exhibition can be viewed when attending performances, or on a selection of public open days.

16 November - 11 December 2016
Royal Albert Hall
Kensington Gore
London SW7 2AP

LIP 28th Annual Exhibition - Espacio Gallery
November 2016 | NEWS

The London Independent Photography 28th Annual Exhibition opens on 15th November at Espacio Gallery, come and join us for the Private View from 6.30pm - 8.30pm. This years selectors were Max Houghton, Melanie King and Michelle Sank.

15-20 November 2016
159 Bethnal Green Rd
London E2 7DG

RPS Capital Interest Magazine
October 2016 | NEWS

Feature on Two Bathers in the RPS Capital Interest magazine this month. Part of the coverage of the RPS 159 International Print Exhibition at the Old Truman Brewery.

RPS International Print Exhibition - Selectors Choice
October 2016 | NEWS

Big thank you to Dougie Wallace for choosing Two Bathers as Selectors Choice in the 159 RPS International Print Exhibition. Glad you went swimming that week!

‘Tamsin Green’s Two Bathers from the series Sleeper stood out for me as being strong. I had just been to Brighton the week before swimming in the sea in July, so cold Northern European seascapes were in my head. This photograph uses the vantage point really well. Defining the content and organization of the picture, framing, focus and pressing the shutter at the right time. These decisions resonate with the clarity of the photographer's attention and mental organization.’

Dougie Wallace

The Adventure Handbook - Feature
October 2016 | NEWS

Sleeper is featured today on @TheAdventureHandbook. A great source of stories to inspire your next adventure.

IPA International Photography Awards 2016 - Honourable Mention
October 2016 | NEWS

Very happy to be awarded 3 Honourable Mentions in the 2016 IPA, International Photography Awards, USA.

Don't Take Pictures Magazine - Photo of the Day
September 2016 | NEWS

The fine art photography magazine, Don’t Take Pictures, has featured Himalayan Queen, as 'Photo of the Day’. Thank you Kat Kiernan.

Visit the Photo of the Day Archive for a daily dose of photography inspiration.

LENSCRATCH - Last Days of Summer
September 2016 | NEWS

After the Picnic is featured in Last Days of Summeran online LENSCRATCH exhibition. Thank you to Aline Smithson.

The Crossley Gallery - Group Show
September 2016 | NEWS

Sleeper and UnBuilding are part of the British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP) touring group show arriving in Halifax in September. 

3 - 18 September 2016
The Crossly Gallery at Dean Clough, Halifax

RPS International Print Exhibition 159
August 2016 | NEWS

Sleeper will be part of the 159th edition of the RPS International Print Exhibition. Thank you to the selectors, Celia Davies, Malcolm Dickson, Russ O’Connell, Gemma Padley and Dougie Wallace for including my work. Just 75 photographers were chosen from over 5000 entries. The exhibition will open in London, at The Old Truman Brewery at PHOTOBLOCK from 13 – 18 October, before touring to other venues in the UK including the Royal Albert Hall. 

The RPS International Print Exhibition is steeped in history, having been held almost every year since 1854 - the year after The Society was founded. In the early years, the exhibition included work from some of the world's most eminent photographers including Julia Margaret Cameron, Roger Fenton, Edward Steichen and others. Now in its 159th year, it is the longest running exhibition of its kind in the world.

13 – 18 October 2016
Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London

Davis Orton Gallery - Group Show
August 2016 | NEWS

Sleeper will be part of the upcoming Group Show at Davis Orton Gallery, juried by Paula Tognarelli. Thank you Paula and Karen Davis for selecting my work. How wonderful. Exhibition catalogue can be viewed here.

3 September – 2 October 2016
Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY

Soulcatcher Studio - Photo of the Day
August 2016 | NEWS

Two Bathers is Soulcatcher Studios Photo of the Day. Thank you Eric Keller for sharing my work. Soulcatcher Studio is a Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Follow @soulcatcherstudio for an inspirational image every day.

RPS International Print Exhibition 159 - Shortlist
June 2016 | NEWS

Excited to have several prints shortlisted for the 159th RPS International Print Exhibition. Good luck to everyone for the next stage.

RPS Capital Interest
May 2016 | NEWS

The RPS has launched it’s 2016 Photobook Competition in the RPS Capital Interest this month. My article about being a part of the 2014 edition and love of books in general can also be found inside.

PHOTOGRAPHY! The work of the BIPP
April 2016 | NEWS

The exhibition PHOTOGRAPHY! THE WORK OF THE BIPP opens for it's second date at Oxhey Mills Studio on Thursday.

7 April - 21 May 2016
Oxhey Mills Studio, Preston

Feb 2016 | NEWS

New Blood Art continues to seek out, support and sell the work of outstanding emerging artists. Sarah Ryan has developed a reputation for identifying emerging artists who gain critical relevance and go on to establish meaningful careers. I am pleased to join this diverse and inspiring group of Artists represented by New Blood Art.

Sarah Ryan, New Blood Art:
'Perspicuous and universal describes Tamsin Green’s remarkable black and white photographs and yet within them, there is a sense of cultural differences not so easily interpreted without context. Having travelled and documented people and buildings of international cities, the work shows the world unseen: a world of banal moments but a world full of potential. The photograph “Shun Tong Lu 15, Shenyang, 2012” is an example of how a broken building, which captured within Green’s frame, becomes a sculptural mountain, its jagged edges and crumbling base becomes art in itself. The work skilfully captures that which is often overlooked and has an appeal and wonder akin to the photography of Nadav Kander. The photographs efficaciously show the world through a lens of curiosity and reverential observations.'

Please visit the New Blood Artist Profile for further information.

PHOTOGRAPHY! The work of the British Institute of Professional Photography
Jan 2016 | NEWS

I joined the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography) as an Associate in 2012, and since then they have been a huge source of encouragement and practical advice. The exhibition PHOTOGRAPHY! THE WORK OF THE BIPP opens at Buckingham Art Gallery this coming Friday. I’m really proud to be part of this exhibition with two series of my photographs, UnBuilding and Sleeper.

16 January - 5 March 2016
Buckinghamshire Art Gallery, Aylesbury

Jan 2016 | NEWS

I have been in Istanbul for the past three weeks embarking on a new project, FOR SALE. As is always the case with starting something new, I read around a place, look at images, watch films, visit museums and wander the streets, trying to discover something away from the big event.

Looking forward to sharing more information and images soon.

Wishing all a Fantastic 2016!
Dec 2015 | NEWS

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful 2016! It has been quite a year, thank you for new opportunities, new friends, and new photographs!

Christmas Eve, Real de Catorce, Mexico, 2014.
© Tamsin Green

Photofusion SALON/15
Dec 2015 | NEWS

Photofusion SALON is a gallery highlight in Photofusion’s calendar, showcasing an impressive range and quality of work produced by Members throughout the year. Exhibited salon-style, the photographic and video work of 100 artists will be installed in the gallery from floor to ceiling. UnBuilding is included in this years show.

Please join us for the opening party this Wednesday evening from 6.30pm. Hope to see you there.

Photofusion Gallery, London 
10 December 2015 - 29 January 2016

Nov 2016 | NEWS

The annual Photomonth Photo-Open print exhibition is this year themed around telling stories. Showcased at Richmix Gallery as part of Photomonth, a celebration of photography in galleries and venues across East London. A series of prints from my project UnBuilding are included in the show, catch it until the end of November.

5 - 28 November
RichMix Gallery, London

Lishui 16th International Photography Festival
Nov 2015 | NEWS

Prints from Sleeper are included in the upcoming exhibition Violence, Resilience and the Human Spirit at the Lishui 16th International Photography Festival, China, 6 - 10 November 2015.

A note from the curator, Laura Valenti:

'The photographers I have chosen for this exhibition have traveled the world to shed light on some of the most compelling issues of our day. My hope is that the exhibition offers a thought-provoking look at the face of our global experience.'

Screening at Photo Meet Halloween Edition
Oct 2015 | NEWS

Sleeper was screened alongside the fabulous work of Rahel Karabichler and David Braun on the terrace of the Proud Archivist Gallery last night. Part of the Halloween edition of Photo Meet. Congratulations to the Halloween winners, look forward to seeing more of your work!

Verve Photo Feature
Oct 2015 | NEWS

Sleeper is featured on Verve Photo this week, a little backstory on how the Two Bathers photo came together. Thanks Geoffrey Hiller for posting. 

Hull International Photography Festival 2015
Oct 2015 | NEWS

The RPS Members Biennial exhibition is currently in Hull, part of the Hull International Photography FestivalSleeper is included in this touring exhibition.

2-30 October
POP Galleries, Hull

Digital Silver Gelatin Prints of UnBuilding China
Oct 2015 | NEWS

The first 28x20" digital silver gelatin prints of UnBuilding being prepared for upcoming exhibitions.

Metro Imaging is the only print facility in the UK that is able to produce digital Silver Gelatin prints. I had been wanting to work with their master printer for a long time, and was incredibly happy when I won the Photo Meet Gold Award for which they were the sponsor. This enabled me to learn about optimising print files from a true professional and to proof the prints on their amazing Lambda machine.

For those interested in the technology, please keep reading...

Black and white silver gelatin digital prints on fibre based paper
HARMAN GALERIE FB DIGITAL is a real Baryta/Fibre based silver gelatin photographic paper based upon traditional B&W silver halide technology. It has panchromatic sensitivity optimised for tricolour laser enlargers such as Durst Lambda and Océ Lightjet.

GALERIE FB DIGITAL has excellent D-Max, sharpness and surface finish that will give superb continuous tone black and white images or text from digital files prepared from either black and white or colour film negatives or positives, prints and digital originals. The results are equal to those seen when using conventional black and white printing materials and exposing equipment. 

Photobook Weekend East London
Oct 2015 | NEWS

I will be at Photobook Weekend at the Old Truman Brewery  on Sun 11 October 2015 armed with copies of You Don’t Hear Dogs Barking.

It's a great event organised by Hoxton Mini Press and MiniClick running all weekend, come along and join us. 

Impressions Gallery Photobook Fair
Sept 2015 | NEWS

My little book, You Don't Hear Dogs Barking, will be at the Impressions Gallery Photobook Fair on Saturday 10 October. 

Come along and browse the collection of newly published, rare and limited edition books. There's also some great events lined up.

Saturday 10 October: 11-4:30pm

Impressions Gallery, Centenary Square, Bradford, BD1 1SD

Sleeper - RPS Biennial Exhibition 2015
Aug 2015 | NEWS

Last days of the RPS Biennial Exhibition tour. Honoured to have had my work alongside the other members.

At Washington Arts Centre until August 29.

ViennaPhotoBookFestival 2015
June 2015 | NEWS

I will be at ViennaPhotoBookFestival from 19-21 June with copies of a new Zine You Don't Hear Dogs Barking, as well as a dummy of Sleeper

Come meet the photographers and publishers, view their books, and contemplate which to take home with you!

Friday, June 19 5-7pm
Anzenberger Gallery, Absberggasse 27, 1100 Vienna, Austria

Art Photo Index (API)
May 2015 | NEWS

I have used Art Photo Index (API) for years, it's a fantastic resource providing exposure for thousands of photographers and their images. I'm honoured to have been invited to join the network.

Photolucida Photobook Fair
April 2015 | NEWS

I will be at Photolucida Photobook Fair in Portland this coming Sunday armed with the first copies of a new Zine You Don't Hear Dogs Barking, as well as a dummy of Sleeper. 

Come meet the photographers, view their books, and take home an inspirational volume (or two) for your collection!

Sunday, April 26th 11:15am-3:15pm
The Benson Hotel (in their Crystal Ballroom), 309 SW Broadway, Portland OR

Photolucida - Promos
March 2015 | NEWS

Have designed new promo material for Sleeper. These will be coming with me to Portland next month for the Photolucida reviews and portfolio walk. Looking forward to meeting fellow photographers and industry experts.

You Don't Hear Dogs Barking - Self-published Zine
April 2015 | NEWS

Hot off the press - You Don't Hear Dogs Barking. A numbered limited edition of 100. PM me if you'd like one.

Sleeper - Offspring Photo Meet Gold Award
March 2015 | NEWS

Prints from Sleeper were awarded Gold for Best Portfolio at Offspring Photo Meet 2015. A weekend filled with shared passions, fascinating conversations, amazing photography and making new friends.

Details of the wonderful event can be found here

New Business Cards
March 2015 | NEWS

Have designed a new tear off business card. Each person will get a small part of the bigger whole.

Sleeper - RPS Biennial Exhibition 2015
Feb 2015 | NEWS

Prints from Sleeper are included in the group exhibition of the Royal Photographic Society. 

Sleeper - SALON/14
Dec 2014 | NEWS

Prints from Sleeper are included in the group show SALON/14, the annual photography show of Photofusion. Exhibition launches this Thursday 11 December at 18:30 in Brixton, please come along.

Photofusion Gallery, London 
12 December 2014 - 30 January 2015

Sleeper - RPS Biennial Exhibition 2015
Dec 2014 | NEWS

Prints from Sleeper are included in the group exhibition of the Royal Photographic Society. The exhibition reflects the diverse interests, in both subject and style, of the work of RPS members worldwide. 

The exhibition will tour the UK during 2015. The first date is in Bristol.

Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol
9-31 January 2015

Sleeper - fLIP 29 CONFLICT
Nov 2014 | NEWS

Magazine Feature in fLIP, In Avoidance of Conflict, fLIP Winter 2014

Available from: Photographers Gallery Bookshop, Whitechapel Gallery Bookshop, Serpentine Gallery Bookshop, Eastside Books, Third Floor Gallery

Sleeper - RPS Photobook Exhibition 2014
Nov 2014 | NEWS

Sleeper has been selected to be part of the Royal Photographic Society's Photobook Exhibition 2014, and has been awarded an Honourable Mention by the judge Gerry Badger. 

RPS Gallery, Bath
3-28 November 2014

UnBuilding China - BIPP Award
Oct 2014 | NEWS

A photograph from my series UnBuilding China has won SILVER Award in The British Institute of Professional Photographers [BIPP] South East Awards, Photojournalism Category

Photolucida Critical Mass Finalist 2014
Aug 2014 | NEWS

Sleeper has been listed as a finalist for Photolucida's Critical Mass 2014. The photographs will now be reviewed by 200+ Industry Professionals, hope they like them.

LIP Member
March 2014 | NEWS

I have become a member of LIP, London Independent Photography. I'm excited to be part of my local, The Shoreditch Group. Come along and join us for drinks, sharing new work and sharing stories... 

Tate Urban Encounters: Urban Materialities
Oct 2013 | NEWS

Work from the City to Sea Project will be part of the Urban Encounters: Urban Materialities conference at the Tate Britain 

Tate Britain, Auditorium
Saturday 5 October 2013, 10.30 – 18.00

City to Sea Magnum Photos Project
Sept 2013 | NEWS 

Living at Butlins in Bognor Regis, a small group of photographers worked together to explore different aspects of the seaside resort of Bognor Regis. 

Part of the bigger City to Sea project, which explores the changing nature of seaside resorts around the UK. The Bognor chapter can be seen here 

UnBuilding China - Chapter 2
May 2013 | NEWS

I have been given a fantastic opportunity to spend 3 months in China to complete the next chapter of my ongoing project UnBuilding China. 

RPS Associateship
Nov 2012 | NEWS

I have joined the Royal Photographic Society [RPS] as an Associate. 

New Talent Feature
Oct 2012 | NEWS

New Talent feature in The Photographer Magazine, Autumn 2012

BIPP Award
Aug 2012 | NEWS

Awarded MERIT and BRONZE Awards in The British Institute of Professional Photographers [BIPP] South East Awards, Photojournalism Category. This photo was shot on behalf of Global Greengrants Fund in West Bengal, India

How Green is Your Garden - Article
Aug 2012 | NEWS

My article about the collaboration with the NGO, Global Greengrants Fund, in West Bengal India, is now online

BIPP Associateship
June 2012 | NEWS

Following an inspiring portfolio review with Chris Harper, I have joined the British Institute of Professional Photographers [BIPP] as an Associate. Looking forward to getting to know the other members and sharing work and stories.

Commission - Global Greengrants Fund
April 2012 | NEWS

Commissioned by Global Greengrants Fund to take photographs of several sustainable farming initiatives in West Bengal, India.

Bidhichandrapur is a small town nestling among mangrove trees in the tropical state of West Bengal, India. It is a community of agricultural workers, with a minority of labourers making the weekly commute to the states capital of Kolkata. For most of the year the town suffers from drought, but during monsoon season each year, the village is flooded.

The project began to explore my interest in the way people live. What drives a community to live in a place of such extremes.

Shot on behalf of Global Greengrants Fund (GGF), it's the first instalment of a project documenting the seasonal cyclic nature of this landscape of change.


Come with me...
Feb 2012 | NEWS

On 14 Feb I will begin my next journey, SLEEPER, a three month overland journey from London to India. Come with me, I'll be posting photos as I go

New Project - China
Sept 2011 | NEWS

Over the coming months I will be travelling to China to begin a project about the changing nature of Chinese cities. Stay tuned for updates on where this adventure takes me.

Commission - New Design Museum
Sept 2011 | NEWS

Commissioned by The New Design Museum to take photographs of the Commonwealth Institute in Kensington, London, during Open House

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