209 Women (2018)

Portraits of current female MPs created by 209 female photographers marking the centenary of the first vote for women.

A collective of 209 women photographers from all across the UK formed, volunteering their time to make and mark history, celebrating the centenary of women’s suffrage and championing the visibility of women, particularly in environments that are still largely male-dominated. 

The project was organised by Hilary Wood, Tracy Marshall, Cheryl Newman and Lisa Tse. The 209 portraits of the 209 women MP's were exhibited at the Houses of Parliament (London), and Open Eye Gallery (Liverpool), and are now an important part of the Parliament art collection. 

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Assemblage portrait of Maggie Throup, MP for Erewash

As a non-portrait photographer I was keen to explore the idea of a portrait as an assemblage of personal objects. We met at Maggie’s home, where she gathered items that embody her love of exploring the natural world. Each of the objects and Maggie herself were photographed individually in her garden on the local Derbyshire Sandstone. The images were then collectively assembled to create the portrait.

"Tamsin Green, known for  mapping human journeys and our imprints on the landscape, has represented Maggie Throup via a series of small pictures reflecting the MP’s outdoor pastimes... This sympathetic rather than confrontational dynamic between politicians and the medium of photography makes for interesting results, with the work becoming an emotive story of both politician and artist"

Claire Walker, Corridor8



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