SCALE & SUBSTANCE: Photofusion Gallery (18.03 - 22.04.2022)

The first solo exhibition by artist and architect Tamsin Green. The exhibition interweaves two bodies of work made within a five year period: Born of the Purest Parents, an exploration of the culture, landscape and language of salt, and this is how the earth must see itself, where the Ordnance Survey mapping system and symbols are used as a guide to explore the English Coastline. Elements of this exhibition have been made from recycling by-products of Tamsin's bookmaking practice and using processes and materials that are sustainably managed and sourced where possible.

Published by manual.editions on occasion of the exhibition, the text based publication Scale & Substance features writing by Eugenie Shinkle, Tamsin Green, Ursula K. Le Guin, and an interview with the artist by Photofusion Director Kim Shaw.

Artist talk: Tamsin Green in conversation with Sid Motion and Dafna Talmor (31.03.2022)
Read the full conversation here
Listen to the audio recording here.

Artist book workshop
22, 24, 26.03, 08.04.2022 - Online & Photofusion

Photofusion Gallery: Brixton SW9 8QQ

"Green’s practice reveals the idiosyncratic nature of the descriptive systems upon which we depend to organise our world, to make it meaningful, and to find a place in it. It shows us the land as we encounter it – in glimpses and fragments, missteps and experiments, changeable and proximate, seen and felt by a body in contact with its surroundings. And it invites us to recognise the distance between us and the world around us as one that we’ve created, to value the ground beneath us, and to think anew about the way that we inhabit our planet." 

Eugenie Shinkle



Published by manual.editions in 2022
Handmade edition of 120 | Print edition of 16


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