A journey into the world of photobooks
by Jennifer Constable

Published in RPS Journal Online (Sept 2021)

I find working with the book format infinitely exciting as a place to explore ideas. I make a lot of physical book dummies, and this trial and error process of working with paper leads to surprise discoveries and new directions read more

with Steve Bisson

Published in Urbanautica Journal (Feb 2019)

your work raises a strong awareness on environmental issues and on the impact of development within local communities... urbanization in China - the fall of seaside towns - the impact of a new highway read more

Book Review
by Gemma Padley 

Published in Photomonitor (Jan 2019)

Somewhere between topographic survey, field guide and a photobook that has a fictional or poetic bent, this is a really clever and meticulously produced book... read more

Born of the Purest Parents
by Rachel Arthur 

Published in boom saloon. 004 (Jan 2019)

Geological photographs often include a familiar object for scale - a ruler, pen or hammer. In omitting these familiar reference points, Green's photographs have no point of reference. They abstract the everyday and force our perspective to be reexamined... read more

by George Slade 

Published in Black & White (April 2017)

Making the book allowed her to capture the irreversible nature of experience embedded in travel. In its way, the book reiterates the journey: "books are about individual experiences with a physical object, with each person setting their own rhythm and pace... read more

Making and remaking a book called Sleeper
by Tamsin Green

Published in RPS Capital (May 2016)

I had collected tickets from each leg of the journey, some of which were quite beautiful with their dog ears and stamps. I tried using them in the sequence but it broke the flow of the photographs too much, so instead I started taking elements from them for the design of the book; information, fonts, colour. ... read more

In Avoidance of Conflict
by Tamsin Green

Published in fLIP: CONFLICT (2014)

My journeys always develop from maps; looking at the contours, discovering unknown places, imagining the landscape, and finding ways to link places together ... read more

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